Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Finished My Blanket.......FINALLY!!!!!

I started this blanket in December 2013.  So it has taken me a whole 10 months, and it's not even that big.  I haven't been working on it non stop though.  I got sick of it quite a lot and would put it away for weeks at a time and then I completed other little projects.  Any way I am happy with the result.

Now that I have finished the blanket above I have given myself permission to start on another.  I love the color combinations of this one so far.  I will keep posting pics as it progresses.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


My vintage sheet fat quarters are all cut up and ready to go to Zara.  The only trouble is I don't think they are all going to fit into the satchel I have purchased.  Oh well....  Back to the post office.

I picked this lilac from my late Nana's tree today.  My grandfather always threatens to have the tree cut down, my Nana loved it and he didn't.  Last year he threatened again because it didn't flower the year before.  I had a giggle and told him that Nana would probably make it flower that year just to annoy him and guess what???  The tree produced lots of flowers and it did again this year.  Lucky for me because I love that tree too, it has been in their front garden as long as I can remember.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A couple of weeks ago Mr JAB and I had a child free Saturday and we went to Daylesford for lunch to celebrate my birthday.  We decided to check out the Mill Market and whilst there I eyed off this lovely cabinet.  Mr JAB told me to buy it and he drove back to Daylesford the following weekend to collect it.  Lucky me.

I displayed some vintage tins on the top but I needed to hide the Wi Fi modem.  Hmmm..........

So I picked up a cheap frame.

And a pretty tapestry from the thrift shop.

Put the tapestry in said frame.

VOILA!  No more ugly modem in view.

And now to add my vintage china, some thrifted and some gifted.

That tiny rabbit in front of the deer belonged to my mum and is from her childhood.  The deer belonged to my great aunt.

These little ducks were a present from my dad that I have kept since I was about 7 years old.

A very blurry pic of my new cabinet in all it's glory but boy it is a lovely sight when I walk in the front door.