Monday, September 29, 2014

Well this picture is just of my tin of cottons that I am using for the project.  
A couple of months ago we purchased some new couches due to our old ones being worn and very shabby looking.  I decided that I should have a go at making some arm protectors for them, they will probably look a bit daggy but we can take them off when we have visitors and hopefully they will prevent a bit of wear and tear.

They are taking me quite a while but that's Ok, everything seems to take me quite a while to complete.  Mr JAB jokingly says that we will need another lot of new couches by the time they are finished.  HA HA very funny!!!!!!

This is just a pic of the lavender in our front garden, not for any particular reason.  It just looked lovely in the sunshine today so I had to take a photo.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

But finally it has been fixed.  This is a project I began a couple of months ago.  It is still not finished.  I will take some pics of my progress soon and explain what it is hopefully going to be.

Spring is here and so are the September school holidays.  YAY!!!!  This is what the sea looked like at Barwon Heads last week.  Master O and I had a lovely stroll on the beach, a look at the shops and lunch with relatives.