Saturday, November 17, 2012


Some of these projects were finished quite a while ago.  The following items were created as a 'welcome to the world' gift for a friend's baby girl.

Next are some pics of projects completed more recently.  I am quite proud of these because I have just learnt to crochet this year.......

This blanket is my first ever completed crochet project and this went to another expectant mum.

Pics of the completed poncho I posted about previously.  This one went to my niece.  Pattern for poncho from Le Monde de Sucrette and Teeny Tiny Flowers from Lucy of Attic24.  Some day I hope design my own crochet patterns.

A set of nesting bowls (pattern from Seriously Daisies) and some little crocheted disks for sorting.

And last but not least, a pretty little crocheted handbag.  This is just a large granny square with the corners folded and joined and lined with some fabric, very easy.

If you happen to read this I hope you have enjoyed looking at my pics...........